The responsibility of the Board of Managers include:

The care of the Church, money and fundraising.  Board members aid in counting offering plate envelopes.

Committees of The Board include:

Finance (money matters - financial reports, budget, investments, etc)

Stewardship (fundraising endeavors - turkey dinner)

Property (church hall, sanctuary and manse concerns)

Ideally, The Board consists of 15 members, each serving a 3 year term, plus an additional Session Liaison representative.  The Board of Managers acts as an extension of Session.  It is the Session's responsibility to oversee the Christian management of the church and to act in accordance with it's "Book of Forms." 

From time to time it may become necessary to have a joint meeting for both the Board and Session to work together to resolve matters and to share ideas in discussion; generally this occurs once a year.

Officers of the Board include the Chair - the Vice-Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary.  Each committee also has a Chair named whose responsibility it is to report to The Board of Managers.