Donation Options

This is an electronic means of donating money to Paulin via email and is simple and quick. Here is what to do:
Log into your bank site as you normally would
Select “Transfer”, “e-transfer”
Add “new recipient/manage recipients”
Email address to add is:
In the message area indicate what you would like the money to go towards

PAR (Pre Authorized Remittance)
PAR info click here

Numbered envelopes are issued upon request to donate weekly and to spontaneous church activities and projects. Donations are tracked and a tax receipt is issued at the year-end to the envelope owner.

Planned Gifts
Planned Gifts are an effective way to leave a legacy at Paulin Memorial and often have significant tax benefits associated with them, which can lower the cost of the gift. Publicly traded securities, life insurance, life beneficiary gifts (RRSPs and RRIFs) and estate planning are just some of the available options. Talk to your financial adviser or search the Canada Revenue Agency website for more information.

Gifts of time and talent
Worship – Planning special services, reading scripture
Music – Choir, musical talents
Teaching – Youth leaders, Sunday School
Mission – helping with our many projects
Artisitic and Hands On – Banners, decorating for special events, building maintenance, kitchen cleaning, church landscape and gardens
Hospitality – Sunday morning greeters, hosting refreshments for after Sunday service, food service for funeral receptions and events
Fundraising – Special events throughout the year
Technology – Sound and audio visual system, web site, tech troubleshooting

For further information on any of these options, please call the church office at 519-972-3627 or email us at