Presbyterians Sharing

Presbyterians Sharing supports the overall mission and ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Through Presbyterians Sharing we are able to:

• Support Presbyterian ministries in our community and across the country.
• Help start new congregations and renew others.
• Collaborate with mission partners around the world.
• Learn together, share our experiences and establish healthy ways of working together.
• Walk with theological students, and
• Speak out on matters of justice.
Presbyterians Sharing supports International Ministries, Canadian Ministries, Justice Ministries, Ministry and Church Vocations, Stewardship, Planned Giving and Communications. It also supports the work of the General Assembly, Financial Services and the theological colleges in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Watch the Presbyterians Sharing 2021 video here.
This 3-minute video highlights and celebrates the mission and ministry of Presbyterians Sharing.